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Star Wars X-Wing Force Awakened Starter Box

Star Wars X-Wing Force Awakened Starter Box

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. It is a time of uncertainty. Unrest grips the galaxy as the influence of the First Order spreads, but a glimmer of hope remains in the heroic forces of the Resistance. As they struggle against the dark might of the enemy, these brave heroes may yet awaken the skill and strength needed to forge a new future. X-Wing is a fast-paced game of tactical space combat in the Star Wars universe. Players control starfighters from either the Resistance or the First Order, outfit them with a variety of pilots, special weapons and upgrades, and attempt to outmaneuver their opponents. Advanced rules and special missions are also included to let players take their game to the next level. And may the Force be with you! Ages: 14+. Players: 2. Game Length: 30-45 minutes.

2 Painted Plastic First Order Tie Fighters

1 Painted Plastic Resistance X-wing

3 red attack dice

3 green defense dice

1 range ruler

1 learn to play and reference 

Plus much more.